Symposium #1


Subject overview

Wellness, following the Oxford Dictionary, is the state or condition of being in good Physical and Mental Health. Wellness plays a big role in human quality of life. Spine diseases are a global burden impacting wellness.
The Spine diseases, and particularly Back pain, affect more than 80% of humankind, representing a social illness, and are the main cause of absence from work; moreover, the chronic pain cause anxiety and depression, with human and social costs that exceed many billions of dollars also in developing countries. However, since diseases of the spine do not threaten life, politicians and ministries of health neglect the problem compared to others not Transmissible Diseases, not to mention Pandemics.
The Symposium aims to promote awareness and demonstrate how the best knowledge to date prove that education in proper nutrition, regular movement, ergonomics in the workplace, prevention and rehabilitation can really improve the Wellness, saving billions in painkillers and expensive surgery in neglected cases.


Symposium Objective

1. Brainstorm on promoting Spine Care into Wellness program
2. Focus on global spine care networking, prevention, rehabilitation, education for Wellness
3. Assess various spine care systems to promote the adoption of the most suitable one for wellness


Topics Highlights
  1.  Wellness and medical tourism program
  2.  How can global societies provide various spine care systems: networking, telemedicine, prevention, education, rehabilitation for the adoption of the most suitable in Wellness and Health, and could save a large cost caused by Low Back and Neck problems in the population



Bambang Darwono

Giuseppe Costanzo


10.30 – 10.45

Wellness and Medical Tourism – Ministry of Tourism & Creative Economy

10.45 – 10.57

Global Burden of spine disease and the impact on Wellness and Health

Bambang Darwono, Indonesia

10.57 – 11.09

Exploring the link between LBP and mental illness: how do we improve overall wellness?

Eric Muehlbauer, USA

11.09 – 11.21

Key healthcare trend and developing a global integrated network in SPINE20

F. Tamburelli, A. Cicchetti, C. Rousi, Italy

11.21 – 11.33

Evidence based strategies for the prevention of Spine diseases: cost and effectiveness analysis

Giuseppe Costanzo, Bernardo Misaggi, Italy

11.33 – 11.55

Panel discussion


11.55 – 12.00

Conclusion and take-home messages

B. Darwono, G. Costanzo