Symposium #8

Symposium #8

Spine Health Burden on Economy

Subject overview

The cost of spine disability and spine care on the global economy is enormous. Spine problems can also have devastating impacts on individual and families. We must examine steps to decrease the burden of spine disease across the globe.

Symposium Objective

To understand spine health Burden on Economy from the aspect of specific and common problems between emerging and developed countries and understand how we might mitigate these impacts.

Topics Highlights

» Spine health Burden on Economy in developing countries.
» The Global Burden of Disease.
» Cost of Spine Care.
» Cost of Disability.
» Limitation of insurance systems.

Spine health Burden on Economy in developed counties
» Focusing on the working population.
» Focusing on the elderly population.
» Focusing on limitation of insurance system.
Disability Prevention – (ACSM)
» Systemic causes.
» Exercise is Medicine Program.
Quality of Life Improvement after Spine Surgery