Symposium #3

Spinal Cord Injury

Subject overview

Spinal cord injury is a devastating disease that carries large social, emotional & financial burden on the patients & their families. These injuries are common in all regions of the world and affects all health care systems. Patients with spinal cord injury require long term care & multidisciplinary management aiming for the best outcome possible.
The majority of spinal cord injury patients are from the young population, which also adds further challenge in the form of loss of productivity & trying to optimize their condition to be able to return back actively to the community.

Symposium Objective

1. Highlight the significant burden of spinal cord injuries on the health care system & the economy from the financial, social and medical aspects
2. Present the evidence based medicine comprehensive treatment protocol to ensure the optimal outcomes.
3. Emphasis on the importance of preventive measures.
4. Discuss the latest research updates related to spinal cord injury & the possible future management strategies and what we need to do to prevent fraud treatments for these vulnerable patients
5. Explore the role of Rehabilitation with special attention to long term rehabilitation.

Topics Highlights

» Epidemiology, Economic burden, prevention programs, fighting fraud treatments & experiments.
» Reintegrating the spinal cord injury patients into the community.
» Challenges in the developing economies.
» The role of rehabilitation on the short and long terms.
» Preventive measures.
» Comprehensive management for the spinal cord injured patients.
» Stem cell treatment & other promising treatment strategies.