Symposium #2

Future of Spine Care

Subject overview

With demographic changes and changing lifestyle, the world would witness more spine problems than ever before. With technological, biological, medical and surgical advances, the future is bright for improved standards of care in spine related disorders. In a global scenario, it is necessary to develop strategies to improve access to affordable and quality spine care.
This symposium is focused on the potential advancements which could help achieve this goal.

Symposium Objective

This symposium aims to prioritize most urgent aspects of future developments in spine care for the attention of G20 leaders. The specific objectives would be :
1. To identify and understand the various advances in spine care which could help improve access to quality spine care
2. To discuss strategies on how to improve global access to these advancements in spine care.

Topics Highlights

» Telemedicine.
» Day care centers.
» Virtual reality.
» Robotics.