Spine20 advocates to G20 nations to create a “world where appropriate spine care helps minimise global disability and dramatically improve the lives of those suffering from spine problems so their families and communities can thrive.” This year, the G20 meeting will take place in India under the theme “One Earth · One Family · One Future” . Accordingly, SPINE20 has elected to focus its symposium and advocacy activities under the theme “One Earth, One Family, One Future WITHOUT SPINE DISABILITY”.

We have reviewed the G20 – A Primer document prepared by the Government of India to ensure that the Spine20 “domains” align with the G20 priority areas. Consequently, the SPINE20 Scientific Committee has selected six domains. It is essential that our symposia and advocacy efforts respect the priorities outlined by the Indian Government.

Healthy spine and LiFE (Lifestyle for the Environment) : India has pioneered a homegrown initiative for a sustainable and healthy lifestyle called LiFE – Lifestyle For the Environment - and placed it on the global agenda, including at G20. LiFE encourages simple-to-do lifestyle changes suchas using a bicycle to go to office, or gyms to curb greenhouse gas emissions. The idea is that physical activity and healthy lifestyle can have a beneficial impact on the environment. Our task is to link the concept of LiFE and spine health.

Spinal disability and poverty (poverty is discussed throughout the G20 document): Spine disorders are a main source of disability in G20 nations and disability leads to depression. Poverty reduction is a main goal of the G20 India Summit. Our task is to clearly explain how investing in the prevention and evidence-based management of spinal pain will reduce disability and poverty.

Digital spine care in a world of digital transformation: As stated in the G20 Primer, “Digital transformation is the new normal in the post-COVID world.” The digital transformation includes digital health, and it is argued that digital technologies will help fight poverty. Our task is to advocate for digital spine care as a transformative way to reach a larger number of individuals who need care but cannot access it.

Economy of spine care (economics is discussed throughout the G20 document): The G20 document focusses on emerging economies and economic growth as a mean to attain the SDGs. Here the challenge will be to demonstrate how value-based spine health care and its integration in health care systems can contribute to economic growth.

Patient’s safety: The selection of the domain on patient safety was not informed by the G20 document prepared by the Government of India. However, given our focus on “Digital spine care in a world of digital transformation”, it may be important to discuss the safety of digital care.

Social determinants: Accelerating SDGs is a main focus of the 2023 G20 agenda. The G20 document discusses the importance of focussing on inter-connectedissues like poverty, food and nutrition security, health, education, womenempowerment, employment and climate change. Our task here will be to demonstrate how we can assist with the acceleration of SDGs by preventing spine disability and investing in value-based care for spinal conditions.

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