Symposium #3


Subject overview

The demographic situation, the changes of expectation and activity in the lifestyle of elderly and the position/integration in the family as well as local economic factors will have a significant impact on the number and the therapy of osteoporotic fractures and the degenerative changes of spine disorders in the growing elderly population.


Symposium Objective

This symposium will consist of two panel discussions with international global spine leaders. The first panel will discuss “The osteoporosis challenge” and the second panel “The degenerative and ageing challenge”. Both panel discussion will address the most urgent needs for screening, early access to care, rehabilitation and surgery to improve function, quality of life and participation in society for the elderly population. The objectives for both panels are to answer the questions how, when, what care and with what strategy and at what cost for society. Every effort should be made to educate and inculcate healthy food habits and exercise in the Elderly Population for a fine SPINE!


Topics Highlights
  1. Prevention and screening
  2. Osteoporotic fractures
  3. Non- surgical rehabilitation
  4. Surgical options



Markus Arand

Marco Brayda Bruno

Raghava D. Mulukutla


15.30 – 15.38

The Osteoporosis Challenge – Screening strategies in a global perspective

Salmi Rachid, France

15.38 – 15.46

The Osteoporosis Challenge – Therapy and prevention

Salvatore Minisola, Italy

15.46 – 15.54

The Osteoporosis Challenge – Surgical options in different economical settings

Markus Arand, Germany

15.54 – 16.07

The Osteoporosis Challenge – Discussion

Raghava D. Mulukutla, India

16.07 – 16.15

The degenerative and ageing challenge – 2.1 When & what activity/ exercises vs when and how to get stability

Fabio Zaina, Italy

16.15 – 16.23

The degenerative and ageing challenge – 2.1 When & what activity/ exercises vs when and how to get stability

Marco Brayda Bruno, Italy

16.23 – 16.31

The degenerative and ageing challenge – Evidence of complications and frailty assessment in elderly

Raghava D. Mulukutla, India

16.30 – 16.44

The degenerative and ageing challenge – Discussion

Markus Arand, Germany

16.44 – 17.00

Panel discussion/Q &A