While there is a plethora of well-published data, information, and educational programs available to spine care professionals and patients across the globe, there is a lot of incorrect, outdated and even misinformation too.

We are responsible for identifying, sharing, and promoting to all SPINE20 stakeholders evidence-based curricula, modern educational principles, and policies that will improve the quality, performance, and results of spine care education as a key driver to enhance spine care treatments and outcomes.

We will achieve this change by:

(1) Engaging societies and spine care professionals in our processes

(2) Identifying and re-presenting existing evidence

(3) Designing projects to generate new evidence

(4) Building SMART Recommendations

(5) Aligning academic societies to present a consistent SPINE20 message to their national governments and healthcare agencies.

We aim to provide to healthcare providers, suppliers, payers and patients validated and accessible educational information, as well as knowledge of simple implementable solutions for the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of spinal disorders. 

We would like to create a paradigm change in the way our stakeholders think about and invest in spine care education. If we can achieve this, it will be a game-changer!