The EdCom encourages and welcomes members to the team regardless of race, religion, colour, language, national origin, gender (or orientation), disability or age.
The following guidelines shall be enacted as of January 1 2022. They are recommended for the EdCom members to ensure vital engagement and productive work.

A SPINE20 EdCom member:

1. Will endeavor to work passionately towards the agreed goals of the EdCom and SPINE20

2. Agrees that their engagement is voluntary and will not be reimbursed (except approved expenses).

3. Understands that SPINE20 activities are sponsored by either SPINE20 or their affiliated society.

4. Must participate in the majority of agreed and planned the EdCom meetings1.

5. Participation in the EdCom shall be appointed for a tenure of three (3) years2.

6. Takes responsibility for suggest succession planning, which shall be approved by the EdCom.

7. Will be expected to lead taskforces to a timely completion of defined projects.

8. Shall not promote or prejudice actions of EdCom in favour of their affiliated society or profession.

9. May resign at any point during their tenure.

1If a SPINE20 EdCom member misses three successive meetings without approval they may be asked to stand down.
2Policy is staggered rotations and members are promoted “up or out” e.g., EdCom members can be promoted to Chair or step down. Ex-member can be reappointed after stepping down for a minimum of one year.