Optimise treatment in the global community to ensure patients have access to the best spine care possible in their respective regions.


A world where appropriate spine care helps minimise global disability and dramatically improve the lives of those suffering from spine problems so their families and communities can thrive.


The Societies will further the mission of the Spine20 initiative by collectively working on the following objectives:

a. Educating all levels of health care practitioners in the global community on appropriate evidence-based spine care.
b. Educating spine patients and their families and communities by providing high quality adapted educational materials.
c. Enhancing local support and economic conditions for spine practitioners by Partner good spine health policies within health ministries and governmental programs across the globe.
d. Improving global research funding for spine care (including public health, prevention, treatment alternatives and prevention of disability from spinal disorders).
e. Serving as a resource for governmental agencies and Sherpas for establishing improved access and spinal care globally and within each Party’s home country using an extensive global network of spine societies.
f. Serving as an advocacy group globally and nationally through this identified Spine20 initiative.
g. Improving access to spine care and spine specialists globally through advocacy within the global community and within the Societies’ home countries.
h. Establishing a minimum standard for training of care and prevention of spinal disorders globally for all those who treat spine patients, including nurses, chiropractors, physical therapists, osteopaths, exercise physiologists, general practitioners, surgeons and other spine specialists at the highest levels.