Keynote Speaker

Nouf bint Muhammed

Nouf bint Muhammad is the Chair of the official G20 Saudi Arabia 2020’s Civil Society Engagement Group and the CEO of the King Khalid Foundation.
She has served as part of King Khalid Foundation’s Board of Trustees since 1996, playing a key role in shaping the foundation’s finances, strategy and activities.
Nouf has been a longstanding philanthropist and a strong supporter of civil society and its growth in Saudi Arabia.
She has contributed to the development of the King Khalid Foundation’s current strategic direction, focusing on creating equal opportunities and prosperity in Saudi Arabia as well as the Foundation’s engagements and support for the non-profit sector.
Nouf serves as the Chair of the Saudi ADHD Society, and a member of AlNahda Society for Women.
Princess Nouf graduated from the University of Phoenix with a degree in business management and has represented both King Khalid Foundation and the Saudi ADHD Society in several international civil society forums.