EdCom BALI Summit Presentations – 5 August 2022

The EdCom was invited to run a special session during the SPINE20 Bali Summit 2022. The Bali Summit would act as “Kick Off” to future EdCom activities.

The decision was taken to run the session as a series of “Elevator Pitches” so as to provide Summit participants with a “Helicopter View” of the scope of topics the EdCom will need to cover over the next years as we build a series of viable SMART Recommendations.

Session Title and Outline

We describe spinal disorders as a silent “Syndemic” because they create a set of health problems involving two or more affiliations, which can interact to generate a multiplier effect that contributes to the excess burden of this disease in our populations.

While there are no accurate global figures that capture the true cost of treatments, rehabilitation, work productivity loss and family burden caused by spinal disorders, most commenters agree the cost is not measured in USD millions, rather in hundreds of billions.

We suggest all stakeholder groups must share the responsibility for the failure to mobilize resources and distribute critical knowledge against this hidden syndemic. We see standardized, quality controlled and universally accessible education as the key driver to change behaviors, mobilize resources, and improve patient outcomes.

For the EdCom, Bali 2022 will be our “KICK OFF”, as we start the process to uncover the challenges and opportunities for education to effectively limit and actively manage this global syndemic. The presentations in this symposium will be short summaries of topics that will be published in an EdCom eBrochure that will distributed later on in the year.

Session Agenda

The EdCom session was chaired by Dr Cristina Periera (Physiatrist – Porto, Portuagal) and Dr Jeremie Larouche (Orthopedic Surgeon – Toronto, Canada).

The silent syndemic “Spinal Disorders” – the need for new approaches in global spine education

Session video