Committees and Task Forces

Represented by members from the different SPINE20 committees and aims to steer the SPINE20 activities throughout the years preceding the G20 Summits.

Aims to clarify and solidify SPINE20 purpose and mission and formulate a plan in how to achieve our goals.

Aims to internationalize the SPINE20 by building bridges and collaboration with professional, public, governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Aims to develop global educational program based on evidence and best practices.

Aims to ensure financial resources and identify potential income opportunities in order to cover SPINE20 activities and general expenses.

Aims to develop the scientific program for the annual meeting as per the approved formatting by the SPINE20 executive committee.

Aims to rephrase and finalize the SPINE20 recommendations proposed by the scientific committee and prepare the final version for publications in peer reviewed journals and submit a version of recommendations to the G20 Sherpa.

Aimstoassureaproperlogisticalarrangementforthe SPINE20meeting.