Scientific Program

SPINE20 will be formed of 8 symposia, each symposium will address different spine related domains to. Specific evidence based recommendations.
A multidisciplinary international scientific committee has prepared the scientific content.

The SPINE20 programme should always include:

» Subjects of interest of the host country.
» Subjects addressing the announced theme of the G20 meeting in a given year.
» Permanent domains that address universal spine health, spine care, spine research and innovation.

Target Audience

» Spine Practitioners.
» Global Spine leaders.
» Health Economists.
» Public Health Leaders.
» Health Strategic planners.
» Spine Industrial Leaders and Investors.
» Government Health Officials and Legislators.
» Non-Government Organisations Interested in Spine Health.

Recommendations and Publication

The Approved SPINE20 recommendations for each meeting will be published every year in a peer reviewed journal to be available for concerned people and organizations.

How will we ensure continuity?

SPINE20 Saudi Arabia, 2020
Suggested policy recommendations for improving spine care and health from the symposia presenters will be reviewed and discussed onsite and submitted to G20 leaders.

SPINE20 Italy, 2021
A status update on post-SPINE20 Saudi Arabia outcomes will be presented at the opening session of 2021 SPINE20 Italy .

SPINE20 India, 2022
A progress report on the impact of SPINE20 Italy will be presented at the opening session of 2022 SPINE20 India .

Further follow up will be carried out each year during the SPINE20 meeting to address the progress of adopting the recommendation, SPINE20 meeting will be carried out each year in the country hosting the G20 meeting.